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      Men in their 60s face a higher risk of dying from heart attacks or strokes on muggy summer evenings, according to a study.<br>Researchers found just a 1C (1.8F) rise in average night-time temperatures in June and 유켄영국유학 July was linked to an up to 5 per cent spike in deaths from the conditions<br>/p>The study of more than 40,000 heart-related deaths in the UK over 15 years found the risk only affected men in 60 to 65, but not women<br>/p>The scientists said their findings were worrying in the face of , when summer nights are expected to get hott<br>/p>Hot weather is known risk factor for heart health, particularly for 유켄영국유학 those with pre-existing cardiovascular condi<br>s.This is due to the organ having to work extra hard to maintain the body’s regular temperature, which can impact factors like blood pressur<br> British experts welcomed the research as highlighting the dangers warm weather posed to people with cardiovascular dise<br>  A Canadian study found just a 1 degree Celsius rise in summer-night time temperatures was associated with a 4 per cent rise in cardiovascular death in men in the<br>0sResearchers looked at the role of overnight temperatures in the UK and parts of t<br>S.Both areas have experienced a rise in night-time heat intensity during the summer months within the last dec<br> The study used Office for National Statistics (ONS) data on cardiovascular deaths in England and Wales between June and July 2001 and 유켄영국유<br>2015.They also collected similar data for King County in Washington state, an area on the same rough latitude as England and 유켄영국유학 Wales and with a similar low-uptake of air conditioning, the aut<br> said.  RELATED ARTICLES

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      <div class=”art-ins mol-factbox floatRHS health” data-version=”2″ id=”mol-67c3a8e0-ae77-11ec-a7a9-7553bf89e16e” website in their 60s at higher risk of dying during warm evenings, study

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